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The Trunited Purpose:

The Trunited Purpose:

Master Marketer

“Your household buying power is now an investment strategy thanks to the hearts and the minds of the guys who put this together and Dr. Nico’s vision of what we can do with this platform.”
The Trunited Purpose:

To provide consumers with a free platform on which to connect with loyal brands who are committed to rewarding those consumers for their social influence; to offer an affiliate program with a commerce engine, the Pay Plan 360, which promises to pay Trunited members all of the net income received for their affiliate performance in driving traffic to brands; to connect commerce-creating-consumers exclusively to brands who value an affiliate relationship and who see the benefits of fair pricing and generous payback to those loyal consumers.

The Trunited Mission:

To be the platform of choice for consumers who desire an affiliate relationship which offers them the highest payout possible while maintaining competitive price points and high quality products; to empower all people with the choice of Socialized Commerce, and to instill in all the idea that commerce is a symbiotic relationship between customers and brands; to allow members to join this exclusive platform free of charge, to create commerce in synergy with others, and to enjoy access to top brands who share a vision of industry transformation and who will deservedly pay members for their loyalty and influence.

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