A Game-Changing New Tool!

Trunited is as easy as three steps.

1. Get Connected
2. Subscribe to a Product
3. Share!

The first two steps couldn’t be easier. The third step is easy too…so long as you actually do it!

If reaching out to others feels daunting…If Step 3 feels like more of an art than a science…know that James Wood has your back. There’s a time-tested proven formula to make step three happen, and it just got easier!

Introducing…the Trunited Memory Jogger: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

This handy new tool is a MUST. USE. SOLUTION. The single most important thing you can do for Step 3 is to make a list. (Yes, this is even more important than memorizing the script, but memorize the script too!)

The bigger the list, the better. This list will be your key to unlocking the business you’ve always wanted to build. You need to put everyone on there. Don’t prejudge. Don’t limit yourself. Get all the names you can down on that list. This will spur action and it will set you up for success.

Speaking of setting you up for success, this Memory Jogger is a huge asset. It has the perfect spreadsheet setup so you can keep great records and leverage the home page video and Zooms. It has a detailed breakdown of how to make your list and keep it growing. It even has multiple pages of descriptors and key words to help inspire the biggest and baddest list possible.

Essentially, it’s the perfect addition to No Excuses November…Because now you literally have NO EXCUSES.

Make that list. Memorize that script. Build that business of your dreams!