Getting to Know the Mindset of a Winner

James Katina is a winner.

He’s a hugely successful recording artist and member of the Dove award-winning band The Katinas. This has allowed him to touch countless hearts and minds for over thirty years while touring the world with his brothers.

He’s one of the top Business Owners in Trunited, having built an amazing team and so many remarkable connections throughout the Trunited Family.

He’s a devoted husband and father of five.

There’s no denying James Katina is a winner. But there’s also no denying that the process to get here was not easy. James has grown so much since his humble beginnings in American Samoa, and so much can be taken from that journey he has been on and the path he continues to forge.

That’s why the Trunited Family was blessed to hear more about James Katina’s remarkable story last night on a very special Trunited Leadership Call.



Trunited Management Partner Carlos Salguero’s interview with James was truly something special. There’s so much value in everyone’s story but, to those who are hungry to learn, wisdom from a winner like James Katina is PRICELESS.   Last night’s interview included:

  • How James went from a 14-year-old “island boy” to a hugely successful recording artist and a member of the Dove award-winning band The Katinas
  • The journey that led James to become one of the top earners in Trunited
  • What it means to be a dreamer, a doer, and a self-proclaimed “evil twin”
  • A look into the thought process James and his wife Chrissy went through before deciding to pursue a new stream of income
  • James’ ultimate goal with Trunited

You’ll also get the perfect 10 minute presentation on sharing Trunited, hear shout-outs to many of our newest business owners, and more!

If you’re hungry to learn from a winner, this is the perfect video for you, just as Trunited is the perfect platform for you to build the business of your dreams.