Making Connections That Will Last

Do you love basketball? Are you a crocheting whiz? Are you a Walmart associate like Sara Good? Do you play a legendary bass guitar like James Katina or referee elite athletes like Mike Moeller?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions…You’re set up for success!

If you answered NO to ALL of these questions…You’re set up for success!

James Wood recently revealed a simple yet stunning strategy for making unlimited contacts. And the best part is that ANYONE can do it!

Which is good, because Mr. Wood made it clear: “If you’re serious about building a business, this is not a practice you can afford to pass on.”

Here’s all you have to do:

Write down five things you are PASSIONATE about. They can be anything, so long as they are things you truly love and enjoy exploring.

Then, go on Facebook and search for like-minded enthusiasts.

If you love stamp-collecting, join a Facebook group filled with fellow philatelics! If you work at Walmart, join a Walmart Associates group! If you love the Lakers, join a Lakers fan group. (Although this is a matter of great controversy among certain Bucks fans.)

Don’t just be a wallflower. Engage with the community. Be yourself, be sincere, and talk about the things you love with people who also love those things.

Don’t force anything. Just build relationships. Before you know it, you’ll have an endless stream of contacts. Once that happens, you’ll find you’re having easy conversations that organically flow to “Are you at all open to bringing in an additional source of income?”

To truly understand the art behind this simple but brilliant strategy, you must watch the training. THIS. IS. REMARKABLE. INSIGHT. THAT. WILL. TAKE. YOUR. BUSINESS. TO. NEW. HEIGHTS.

You have the tools. Now you just need to use them!