Overcoming Indecision

It’s Overcome October, which means everyone in the Trunited Family is focused on overcoming all obstacles in the way of their dreams. If you’re focused on reaching your biggest goals like never before, there’s one obstacle in particular you need to conquer.

The biggest obstacle for most people, in life and in business, is indecision.

We are all afraid of making the wrong choice. We avoid it at all costs. And it paralyzes so many of us. Fear of making the wrong decision leads to no decision, and no decision is generally WORSE than the wrong decision.

Think about it…When you consistently avoid decisions, you let others make choices for you, which utlimately costs you the freedom you so desire!

Here’s “Financial Freedom 101”: Money is just a means to an end. Any limits that are placed on the amount of money you are able to make is merely something someone else created on your behalf. Once you free yourself of those “limits”, you begin the process of obtaining abundance.

Freedom starts with self-leadership. Identify a goal you want and start aligning your actions with that goal. Discipline is the key. You need the discipline to:

  • Replace old beliefs
  • Replace bad habits
  • Have a financial plan
  • Execute on that pan
  • Build relationships that fuel new beliefs
  • Have the consistency and commitment to do all of the above

It’s all available to you, and it’s all available right now. You just need to overcome your indecision and turn your fear of failure into consistent actions toward success!