Addressing Concerns of Trunited Fraud

When Dr. Nico founded Trunited, he did so with the idea of transforming an industry. That industry, multi-level marketing, is a thriving, booming giant in commerce that brings in tens of thousands of people join each week. However, it also sees many leave due to various stigmas.

These stigmas are exactly what Dr. Nico and his team have worked tirelessly to change, and every innovation in the Pay Plan 360 has been meticulously crafted to ensure that each and every user on Trunited, from the pointholder who has made one purchase to the top-earning master marketer, is represented with equity and fairness at all times.

Trust is everything, and we understand that it is often earned and not given.

In disrupting an industry with problems, we understand skepticism or trepidation that may arise from previous issues that have come with previous mlm companies. That’s among many reasons why we are very big on transparency here at Trunited. We invite you to learn as much as possible about the system through this site. Watch the videos. Read through the pay plan in its entirety. Talk to other members of the Trunited Nation.

We want you to know everything there is to know about Trunited. From the fact that there are no fees to join and no minimums to shop, to the revolutionary match depreciation, best practices milestones, point value promise and various other safeguards designed to protect every single Trunited shopper.

Not only will you gain more confidence the more you know, you’ll gain more knowledge…and soon find yourself empowered to find success through Trunited you wish to find, whether that be to shop and earn, to shop, share and earn more, or to become a master marketer.

We find that it also helps to understand WHY Trunited works in order to appreciate the how and the what. After you’ve learned everything there is to know about Trunited, we’re confident we’ll earn your loyalty!